Posting GM Warranty Payments With Excel

One great way to speed up your warranty-processing time, I've discovered, is to let Excel do the grunt work for you.

Please understand that I'm a huge fan of Excel. I'm continually looking for new ways to implement time-cutting spreadsheets into my daily rituals. And if I can find tasks where Excel can help me cut down on typos and other data-inputting errors, then so much the better.

A fairly recent habit has me using Excel to create a warranty-payable posting from my GM claim memos. I download my claim memo from GM in rich-text format, then take its data, import it to Excel, and "cut 'n' paste" the payment info into ADP via WRQ's Reflection (or w.e.b.Suite 2000, etc.).

What's the payoff? Well, no more line-by-line inputting of repair order numbers and their corresponding paid amounts — Excel does it for me! Posting GM claim memos now requires just a series of clicks!

Sound good? You too can make this happen if:

(1) Your dealership runs on the ADP system.

(2) You utilize WRQ's Reflection software, and/or w.e.b.Suite 2000 or greater.

(3) You have Excel 2000 or greater. (Excel 2003 is my spreadsheeting program of choice. I imagine earlier versions can accomplish this task just as well, though. And I wouldn't rule out no-cost options such as OpenOffice, but I haven't tried them.)

(4) You can post warranty payments in accounting function AGJE.

Want to learn how to do this for yourself? Here are the steps:

Step #1: Get the Claim Memo Into an Excel-Readable Format
Step #2: Clean Up the Spreadsheet
Step #3: Copy, Paste, and Post
Add'l Info: Useful Tweaks & Functions for Warranty Templates

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