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Once more, I'd like to welcome you to ClaimMemo.com!

My name is Michael, and I just happen to be the warranty administrator (and about 37 other things) at an auto dealership service department. We're a Cadillac / Nissan dealership, and part of a much larger autogroup. Our service department runs the ADP system.

I started working at this dealership way back in 1995 — as a service-department driver, actually. In 1997, once the Service Manager discovered that yours truly (1) wasn't an idiot, and (2) could type 60+ words per minute, I became the service cashier. In 1998, my duties expanded into warranty administration. (Thankfully, my pay expanded also. Would've been a big problem if not, huh?)

Today, my business card says I'm the Warranty Administrator. The truth, though, is that I'm also the Service Cashier, Official Computer Dork, and General Answer Guy, among other things. I have a pretty hefty stack of accounting duties also, but that sort of goes with the territory.

As far as manufacturer warranties go, I'm fluent in GM, Nissan, and Mazda. (I handle the warranty claims and submissions for our auto group's Mazda dealership also.) I have a pretty good handle on the ADP system. I use Reflection and Web2000 daily, and I get a sort of freaky high from integrating Reflection data into Excel spreadsheets. (Nobody ever said I was entirely sane, right?)

I've done a little consulting on the side, although my time for such things is quite limited. (This isn't my only website, you know. Now, don't tell Upper Management, but as much as certain parts of me enjoy the warranty-administration gig, there are other things in my life worthy of significant time, attention, and effort!)

Last Updated:   November 5, 2005